The Cliffs


The Blue Ridge & Cherokee

Calling them parkway or highway would be a misnomer. These are winding two-lane ribbons smoothly caressing the peaks of the Blue Ridge and snaking along streams overhung with mountain laurel and willow. These are the miles that beckon kindred spirits on two and four wheels who have found nirvana in the Carolina mountains. George Hincapie’s Gran Fondo, our biking, sports car and motorcycle clubs are freewheeling spirits out here. With the wind in their hair, they’ve long since left conventional notions of freeways and parkways behind.

Sunset view of the mountains
Aerial view of the Blue Ridge Parkway
Members hiking the trails at The Cliffs
Cabin over a pond


Redefining What it Means to Commute

As a member of The Cliffs, you enjoy all the amenities of all seven of The Cliffs’ clubs. Consider your daily commute the Blue Ridge Parkway and Cherokee Scenic Highway — stunning in every season but surely most spectacular in autumn, when sightseers travel the world to drive the roads that are our daily drive.

Twists & Turns


These are poetic and breathtaking paths that conjure passages from Emerson, Thoreau and Muir. From Walnut Cove just outside Asheville, mile markers, overlooks and tunnels mark the Blue Ridge journey — from Thunderstruck Ridge to Purgatory to The Priest and Chimney Rock, there’s a postcard-worthy image around every bend.


Are Alive With Color

Twenty-five of the twenty-six tunnels along the Parkway are in our corner of the Carolinas. From Little Switzerland to Craggy Flats, Ferrin Knob’s 1, 2 and 3, Frying Pan, Bunches Bald, Rattlesnake and Devil’s Courthouse… there are hundreds of inviting places to stop, hike and picnic.

Tunnel on The Blue Ridge Parkway
Motorcycling crew on the road


Meets Lycra

It’s not a road trip unless there’s a colorful stop along the way and we’re blessed more than our share. Boiled peanut and barbeque stands, one-of-a-kind bologna sandwiches on white bread, a lakeside fish fry and the mecca, Aunt Sues along the Cherokee Highway, wherever you stop neighborly conversation awaits.

Seven Communities. Three Regions. One Way of Life.

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