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Golf at Valley

The Cliffs Valley is consistently rated by our members as their favorite course, in part because of its walkability and its reputation for being playable virtually every day of the year, which members absolutely do. This is a rich golf experience in every aspect of the game, from the golf shop to the range and surely to a classic clubhouse. At The Cliffs Valley, architect Ben Wright absolutely got it right.


    Tee to green ranges from 5,036 – 6,996 yards at the tips and challenges are presented in surprising ways, not the least of which is water.

  • PAR

    Par is 72 and if that number is to be achieved at any of The Cliffs seven courses, it’s likely here.


    Depending on your tee box, ranges from 61.5 – 74 and the slope 107.0 – 136.0.


    A parkland-style course with impeccably maintained Bermuda grass tees and fairways and champion ultra-dwarf Bermuda greens.


    Ben Wright, Emmy and Peabody award-winning golf commentator.


    The Cliffs Valley debuted with honors from Golf Digest, garnering a Best New Courses Award.

The Members' Favorite Valley Course Highlights


    At The Cliffs Valley, Ben Wright’s goal was to move as little dirt as possible — an enlightened approach twenty years ago that has become the mantra of modern day course design. The course is invitingly walkable, and absolutely a joy to do so as you traverse the many stone bridges that remind us of the game’s origins.


    True to its name, Valley is surrounded by the mountains, steep to the north and soft to the south. The North Carolina state line is visible as it traces the northern peaks. But Valley is also park-like, where lakes and streams play into every hole. It is colorful, not only alive with flowers in spring and summer, but an explosion of color when autumn arrives.


    The fact that the hills are lush and waterfalls seem to be around every corner owes to the generosity of Mother Nature. And so when the course is set deep in a valley such as this, one can expect that water is going to come into play, and at The Cliffs Valley it does on just about every hole. It might be a creek you can jump across, or a lake that is more of a visual than real hazard but certainly, Wright got it all right here.


    There is no sport older or with a more traditional ethic than golf. Honesty is as much a part of the fabric of the game as is, well, plaid. And so at The Cliffs Valley we honor that lineage, with plenty of plaid, tall gabled roofs, ornate bars and stone fireplaces – all the trapping that are as comfortable as the leather grip on your favorite putter.

  • Portrait of Ben Wright
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Game Changers

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  • A sunny day of Golf at Valley

    Ben Wright The Architect

    An Emmy and Peabody award-winning golf and sports announcer for more than two decades years, Ben Wright is a widely respected broadcaster, writer and golf course designer. Wright’s signature design at The Cliffs Valley reflects his intimate knowledge of the world’s best courses and matches the unique beauty that surrounds the community.

  • On the green at Valley

    Matt Pavia The Pro

    “The 11th, a modest par 3 in terms of yardage, typifies the entire Valley experience. The tee offers one of the best views of the back nine as it follows Terry Creek and winds along the natural valley floor. A wide variety of trees and shrubs provide a colorful backdrop all year long in this peaceful, quiet corner of the course. A pond protects the right side of the green, and another hazard lurks long and left. There is a large, welcoming green, but subtle contours make it one of the most difficult to read.”

  • Ladies taking a golfing lesson

    LuAnn Loeber Member Perspective

    “As a Valley member and also a sales executive at The Cliffs, I have the best of both worlds. I get to live the lifestyle and also help build our club by finding buyers that we want to call neighbors. And the golf isn’t too bad as well. Valley has earned bragging rights as the most enthusiastic golf community at The Cliffs, as measured by most rounds played. I’m glad to know we contribute to this statistic as much as we can.”

The Cliffs at Valley Clubhouse

Welcome to The Clubhouse

The 28,000-square-foot Valley Clubhouse offers vast hilltop views of the course, with cascading layers of the mountains beyond. Traditional European architecture elicits the feel of a grand mountain resort, with a rock-face fireplace and epic bar, where there’s always a crowd comparing scorecards and handicaps to see who’s buying the first round.


According to Vance Ferrigno, Wellness Manager at The Cliffs Valley and a fitness expert with too many certifications to rattle off, your best round of golf may begin at the Wellness Center. “My job is to assess why your body can’t do what’s best for your game and to give you the tools to correct that,” he says. “The body can only do what the body can do. If your body can’t do mechanically what your swing coach tells you to do with respect to your swing plane, it will take the path of least resistance. That results in a swing compensation. To overcome that, we work on specific exercises to address the physical limitations that are affecting your swing and get you back on course.”


Great clubs are defined not only by what’s on the course, by the pros and greenskeepers, which are absolutely top tier at Valley. There are bartenders who can help you celebrate a great round, or put the forgettable outing behind you. The tall walnut bar at Valley is just this kind of place — warm, inviting and always social. And their specialty happens to be your favorite cocktail.

Ladies wine social

Real Estate

Find Your Dream Home at Valley

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If you just can’t wait to call The Cliffs home, you’ll find magnificent estates and charming custom homes available so you can move right in.

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Build at Valley

An idyllic home with sweeping mountain views or overlooking the golf course from your breakfast table is the promise of Valley, where you’ll find beautiful homesites and a collection of Preferred Builders to help guide you every step of the way.

The Courses Our Version of a Seven Course Menu

Each one unique, choose one and enjoy them all.

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    The Cliffs at Walnut Cove

    Asheville Course

  • The Cabin at Mountain Park

    The Cliffs Mountain Park

    Mountain Course

  • The Cliffs at Keowee Springs

    Lake Course

  • The Cliffs at Keowee Falls

    The Cliffs at Keowee Falls Golf

    Lake Course

  • Golf at The Cliffs Valley

    The Cliffs Valley

    Mountain Course

  • The Cliffs at Glassy

    Mountain Course

  • Hole #17 at Keowee Vineyards

    The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards

    Lake Course

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