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An Appetite for More

You might begin the week with brunch on the porch at the Cabin at Mountain Park and top it off with a cozy dinner in the Tavern at Walnut Cove. In between could be a barbecue on the lake or cherry cobbler on a mountaintop patio. Whether a down-home favorite or a work of nouvelle cuisine art, an unforgettable meal begins with great ingredients. Our celebrated chefs have fostered relationships with local farmers and artisans so that every menu features the finest local meats and fish, exquisite cheeses from local artisans, and the freshest seasonal produce — some sourced from our own organic farms. And all of it paired to perfection with vintages from our cellar chosen by our knowledgeable sommeliers.

Mac and Cheese at The Cliffs

The Ultimate Mac n' Cheese

Our chefs went behind the scenes and into the kitchens of some of the country’s best restaurants. They did their research, studying every nuance and uncovering the secrets of what their cohorts were doing, all the time thinking about what they could do to best New York — and one another — at the tables of their respective clubs. Each of our chefs wants to invite you to their club to discover new favorites and try reimagined classics like that ultimate comfort food — mac n’ cheese. Come join them and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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Innovations & Creations

Some of our most popular events are cooking classes put on by our talented chefs so you can re-create memorable meals in your own kitchen. The best part: students eat the result of their labors, whether it be a sampling of mouthwatering French pastries, Italian, or Vietnamese, to name a few.


  • Portrait of Chef Francis

    Fancis Turck

    Senior Executive Chef

    “Every week the staff and I try to live up to the challenge of making sure we offer members a variety of things. We see it as an opportunity to enrich and expand on their experience. I like to take classics and add a twist so members are trying new things but are still in their comfort zone. For example, I’ll do a Veal Oscar and kick it up by topping it with jumbo crabmeat. Or I’ll serve steak frites with hand-cut potatoes mixed with truffle oil, Parmesan cheese and fresh herbs.”

Dinner on the patio at The Cliffs



Our members are very particular. They come here because of our wellness program, and that extends beyond the wellness centers to our kitchens. Wellness can be delicious.

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