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Gardening Thrives at The Cliffs

Today’s most idyllic and inspiring lifestyle is one where we return to our roots — to a community mindfully connected to the land and to a way of living that is natural, healthy, and sustainable. The Cliffs not only has its own five-acre farm, Broken Oak Organics, but is also breaking ground on 18 estate lots sited next to Creekside Farm, offering members many ways to enjoy the benefits of a green thumb.

Executive Chef Victor Carducci and Craig Weiner, farmer of Broken Oaks Organic Farms

GRAZING RIGHTS Delicious Starts in the Garden

”People are realizing that their health is based in part on what they’re eating, and they understand the benefits of what we’re doing here.”

Craig Weiner
Farmer, Broken Oak Organics at The Cliffs


Creekside Farm at Walnut Cove

Just 15 minutes from Asheville is a 60-acre, 100-year-old working farm that feels worlds away. Creekside Farm is home to over 300 varieties of heirloom vegetables, herbs and flowers, as well as free-roaming chickens and two friendly donkeys. At the heart of the farm is a historic barn where neighbors gather to share the bounty of the land and catch up on tasty news from the garden.


  • Checking out the vineyards

    Craig WEINER


    Even before planting for a new season begins, Craig Weiner, sits down with the chefs from each of our seven communities.

    “We basically start with the seed catalogs and decide exactly what they want us to grow. And the chefs are all here often as the season progresses. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They are all very involved.”

Executive Chef Kevin Furmanek picking peppers in the garden



Join us as stewards of the land and a life well lived.

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